Friday, December 25, 2009

Haley receives the Holy Ghost and is baptized!

Sunday School Christmas Skit.

More Philippines pics!

Meeting with and licensing prospective ministers with the WPFP. We are in the Isabella Province. It is a 11 hour drive from Manila. Bro. King did a splendid job, preaching and teaching holiness!

Preaching for some pastors licensed with the WPFP. Several guests received the Holy Ghost. These are precious people of "like precious faith."

This young lady received the Holy Ghost in our altar service. Interestingly, her husband had received the Holy Ghost in Calgary, while I was preaching at Truth Church, December 2005. His wife receives the Holy Ghost December 2009. The best Christmas gift anyone could receive!

Dedicating the new Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship Philippines Headquarters in Manila.

I have been asked to share them, so here you go!