Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Pastor!!!!

Happy Birthday to a wonderful Pastor. He is always there for his sheep with tender care. TRUTHWAY CHURCH is blessed to call him PASTOR!!! We love you!!! God Bless!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ashley's late night conversion.

Sunday night, after 2 tremendous services at Truthway, my phone rang around 10:00PM. The conversation went something like this;
Me: Hello
Saint: Pastor, I hate to bother you, I have a situation.
Me: What's going on?
Saint: A woman just prayed through to the Holy Ghost in our living room!
Me: Wonderful.
Saint: She wants to get baptized BAD!
Me: Let's do it! I am taking a quiz right now for school, it's timed. I will call you back in a few moments.

I didn't do too good on the quiz. :-)

Return call...
Saint: Hello pastor
Me: I'm on my way to the church to warm the water.
Saint: They are on their way the meet you
(the sister that received the Holy Ghost was still drunk in the Spirit)

Just after midnight her sins were washed away in Jesus Name!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank you Jesus for Autumn, Courtney and Fengdi !!!9-18-11

Thank You Jesus for Autumn, Courtney, and Fengdi!!! They were baptized in the only saving name tonight!!! JESUS!!!!

Praise God!!! Sunday Night Blessings!!!!9-18-11

Courtney received the Holy Ghost tonight!!! God is so wonderful!! Here are a few pictures of the service tonight!!

Friday Night Youth Service with Bro. Roger Herrington 9-16-11

We had a wonderful move of God with Bro. Herrington at the Youth Service. Five souls received the Holy Ghost!!! Praise the Lord!!! God is doing great things in Pineville!!!